My father was an artisan upholsterer who came to the US from Italy in 1962.  He taught me, John Furlan, about the attention to detail and discipline needed to make things that are both beautiful and useful. As a teen, I developed a lasting love of music. I began playing guitar and bass at 15. Funds were scarce growing up, so I built my own speaker cabinets, amps, and pedal boards. I modified my first bass using simple hand tools to install new pickups, electronics, and hardware.  Forty years later, that bass is still my Number One. 


I am a lifelong woodworker and a self-taught luthier. Ten years ago, I began building guitars and basses as gifts for my family and friends. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive.  My musician friends encouraged me to go into business, so I started Furlan Guitars in 2021.     


I take a craftsman’s approach to building guitars. I handcraft them one at a time from raw lumber to finished instrument, tailoring the finished product to fit the needs of its owner. I build guitars using traditional methods in the way that the great guitars of the 50’s and 60’s were built. And where there is room to improve on traditional designs, materials, and construction techniques, I make those improvements. I also pay attention to the details that matter. I strive to build each instrument to sound good, look good, feel good, and be special its owner.